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Hello, let's work together! I over a decade of experience and offer a diverse range of creative services that aim to inspire and elevate. I also have a proven track record of successfully delivering high quality and engaging projects.

Art commissions 

  • Commission a custom artwork

  • Collaborate with MrASingh to create a one-of-a-kind pieces

  • Design and produce public sculpture installations 

  • Bring your vision to life with MrASingh's expert artistic touch


Content production

  • Develop creative and captivating video content for social media

  • Producing social media campaign assets

  • Social media management to elevate your online presence

  • Branding and design services 


Training & mentoring

  • Digital training for artists, creatives and businesses

  • Practical workshops and course development 

  • Creative mentorship for emerging artists and entrepreneurs

  • Produce and run digital training days and bootcamps


Digital consultancy

  • Ideas generation 

  • Marketing strategy including content, brand and social media

  • Social media advertising to increase engagement and conversions

  • Consulting for creative marketing campaigns and branding

Let's work together!

Let's Work Together

Let's chat! Pllease contact me using the form here and i'll get back to you as son as I can. Thanks! :)

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