Worcester Big Parade / 2021

A trail of at large elephants will be on display through the streets and public spaces of Worcester City, for everyone to enjoy, during an 8 week period from Mon 12th July to Sun 5th September 2021. 

My inspiration for the large elephant - Sundar:

The colours are inspired by an Indian summer sunset - but instead of using the yellows or orange colours starting from the bottom like a typical sunset, I used metallic gold at the top leading into a fuchsia pink and royal blue into metallic silver. 


On top of this beautiful colour scheme, there’s a large mandala wraps the sculpture back, forming a circle if seen from the top.


And on the face of the elephant you’ll find a peacock feather inspired mask which is a nod to the Indian and Thai royal elephants that used to carry kings and queens. The overall pattern work is inspired by the jungle and nature.


Small elephant - Kushee:

Inspired by the Indian festival of colour called ‘Holi’ which is on Monday 9 March. Holi heralds the arrival of spring after winter. It signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated as a day of spreading happiness and love. People play with vibrant coloured powder on the day. The elephant has a metallic gold base layer and and is made up of 30 layers of spray paint splatter. If you look closely, you’ll see hundreds and thousands of coloured dots all over.


Photographs - Worcester News and St Richards Hospice

Materials - Fiberglass sculpture. Acrylic paint, metallic, coloured and black ink.

Charity: St Richards Hospice