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Creative Vibes / Jersey 2019

MrASingh's artwork is a celebration of the creative explosion that comes about through being inspired by our surroundings. He is constantly looking to nature for inspiration, with all of it’s beautiful colours, patterns and textures. His artwork is a bright and vibrant mix of these patterns and colours.


Gorillas are majestic, powerful yet gentle animals, and one of our closest living relatives. But they are in peril. Gorillas in the wild have been pushed to the brink of extinction due to habitat loss, hunting, wildlife trade and the spread of infectious disease. Jersey Zoo has been home to these majestic apes for 60 years, successfully breeding them and training conservationists to protect these gentle giants.

Go Wild Gorillas is a celebration of the remarkable work achieved at Jersey Zoo and in the wild to protect threatened species from extinction. Educating the next generation and inspiring them to be better connected to nature is pivotal to Durrell’s mission to significantly improve the fortunes of threatened wildlife around the world.




Name: Creative Vibes

Location: JIFC - Trenton Square, St Helier, Jersey

Client: Copper & co

Materials - Fiberglass sculpture. Acrylic paint, metallic, coloured and black ink.

Charity: Durrell Zoo

Sold at auction

Related hashtags: #gowildgorillas

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