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Imp Sculpture / 2021

Inspired by Lincoln Cathedral’s stunning stained glass windows, this design is made up of stained glass style colours, black lines and patterns while showing a sunrise and sunset image on the front and back.

Lincoln BIG are incredibly excited to introduce the third sculpture trail which will run during the summer of 2021 across Lincoln city centre. This is a mass participating public art event to celebrate, Lincoln, its art, culture and heritage.


Lincoln is famous for so many things but we want people to know about the IMP. The people of Lincoln resonate with the IMP, children have fun with the cheeky chappy, the football club has it as their emblem and the IMP resides in Lincoln Cathedral.


Now we are bringing the story of our IMP to our High Street and want everyone to get involved.


Name: Frozen Beauty

Location: High Street (House of Fraser)
Client: Lincoln Business Club

Materials: Fiberglass sculpture. Acrylic paint

Charity: St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice

Related hashtags: #IMPtrail #FrozenBeauty




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